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Administrative law

Betterment levy

We can decrease the amount of betterment levy or lead to cancel the betterment proceedings. 

Betterment levy, charged by municipality due to the increase of value of property, is related to the evaluation performed by asset valuer. We offer an assessment of the validity, relevance of the evaluation and formal and legal validity. 

Our work can ensure Client that the charges calculated by municipality will not be overestimated. Moreover, in case of indication that this could take place, we will ensure cancellation of the proceedings and full relief from the obligation to pay for a Client. 

Perpetual usufruct fee

On behalf of perpetual usufructuary we act to lower current annual fee for the perpetual usufruct or protect from the fee increase. 

Annual fee is paid constantly during perpetual usufruct, due 31st March each year (upfront). Those fees are being updated not more frequently than once every three years, if the value of the affected property changes. The goal of the update is to adjust the annual fee to the current value. The update is performed by proper body representing the owner of the property. 

Our offer contains:

  • Assessment of effectiveness of termination of current annual fee
  • Review of the price valuation performed that was the basis for the fee update.

We represent perpetual usufructuary during the whole update process (including in front of Local Government Appeal Court and General Court).


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