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Company law

Establishing and registering companies. 

We develop templates of agreements, statutes, regulations and other acts that regulate the company’s operations. We can act in front of registry court on behalf of our clients. 

We offer a comprehensive support on each stage of establishing a company, both partnerships (general partnership, professional partnership, limited partnership, limited joint-stock partnership) and capital companies (limited liability company, joint stock company). We advise on the selection of best form of company’s registration. We always focus on the long-term relations between the partners; hence we always suggest the solutions that will fit the individual needs of our clients. 

We use our long-term experience, and we aim to make the complex legal formalities as easy as it is possible. We share our experience on each step. 

Continuous operations support

We arrange gatherings, shareholders and partners meetings, prepare protocols drafts, including resolution content, we provide opinions on the operations of company’s bodies, and we support partners and management board members in business activities. 

In our day-to-day legal services for companies, we ensure legal compliance of operations performed by companies’ bodies – that is shareholders meetings, management boards, supervisory boards and partners entitled to represent and act on behalf of companies. We provide support in making efficient decisions that will allow our clients to meet their business goals end ensure dynamic growth of the companies. We actively support creating strategies to improve company’s market position, mainly through analysis of legal aspects of planned projects and operations. 

We offer also a support in crisis management, that is in case of disputes of partners or any other bodies of the company. 

Transformation, merger and liquidation

We develop and support the implementation of processes related to transformations, mergers or liquidations of commercial law companies.

In the scope of our service, we can offer substantive and legal support for all the proceedings related to:

  • Personal changes in the companies
  • Changes in the organizational and legal forms 
  • Closure of legal entity

For the abovementioned areas we prepare the required documentation and applications for the National Court Register (KRS). 

We also act as a liquidator. 


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