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Contract’s preparations and review

According to the guidelines provided by our Clients, we can prepare a business contract,

Contracts of employment, cooperation, managerial contracts and development deals. 

Apart from contracts created in a form defined by specific legislation (in e.g., Written or notarial act), additional contracts are available, that can be prepared in any form (in eg. Oral). It should be stressed out that that in case of dispute, a properly prepared written contract can avoid any doubts related to the content and scope of agreement. 

In Inlegis Legal Services we efficiently support our Clients to conclude a clear, transparent contracts that are in line with Client’s intentions. We protect the interests of our Clients by preparing contracts according to their guidelines and general market practices:

  • The content of the contract should be understood to all parties, not only to lawyers,
  • The content of the contract should be clear and leave no field for interpretation,
  • The contract should precisely reflect intentions of the parties and their interests,
  • The contract should be compliant with law and rules of social conduct.

Thanks to the abovementioned principles our Clients are sure that their interests are protected and premisses are realized according to their intentions and applicable laws. 

Contract negotiation

On behalf of our Client, we negotiate the contracts with the remaining party. 

In complex of important cases our experts can actively participate in creating the content of an agreement between two parties, also by physically participating in the negotiations. Negotiations can take place in Inlegis office, in the office of any party or in any agreed place. During the negotiations we act as advisor and as a subject that will influence the final shape of the contract. 

Negotiations can be undertaken in order to agree on the content of contract, and it can be used as tool supporting in resolving any disputes that occurred during the contract realization. Our lawyers can also support in resolving disputes that occurred not as a result of contract but in other cases, like tort. 

Advisory and legal expertise

We can prepare a legal expertise related to copyrights, industrial property law and rights of personal portrayal.

Our legal expertise is an analyse of all the events related to the proper legal status. We will present the best solution for our Clients, having in mind protection of their interests and risk mitigation. We ensure a legal support and knowledge that should avoid similar situations in the future. Knowing the importance of copyrights, we have an individual approach to each issue. We can also offer a legal help in the cases of unfair competition. 


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