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Insolvency law

Nowadays, everybody can become a part in a process regulated in the insolvency or restructuring law. Current uncertain labour market situation, competitiveness, unreliable business partners, wrong investments or even a life situation can cause an entity to become interested in insolvency law. 

Both, creditors and debtors could be confused with the number of processes, dates, applications, dozens of documents and forms. Entities facing a troubled financial situation must decide whether to apply for bankruptcy or to try to restructure the company and how to do it. Creditors on the other hand, are not aware about their rights and obligations in particular process. 

Abovementioned situation requires a fast and accurate decisions that are essential when it comes to protection of one’s own rights. 

Our law office based on its long-time experience will ensure a law support while making those demanding decisions. We will assign an interdisciplinary team of experts with the specialists from the areas of law, accountancy, management, insolvency and restructuring and experienced negotiators and appraisers. 

Below you can find an example of our offerings.

Out-of-court restructuring:

Preparation of standstill agreement (agreement with creditors), arrangement of restructuring conditions, support during negotiations with creditors and financial institutions, law advisory and deadlines monitoring. 

Law support during voluntary departure program implementation (PDO) and law advisory in terms of labour law related to the insolvency and restructuring law. 

Judicial restructuring 

Verifying restructuring application relevance.

Advisory on the best restructuring process for the situation: proceedings for approval of an arrangement, simplified arrangement procedure, arrangement procedure, recovery proceedings. 

Preparation of restructuring application. 

Preparation of restructuring plan, that contains company and market description, financial condition analysis, proposed strategy, planned restructuring methods, methods and sources for financing. 

Preparation of list of claims. 

Preparation of repayments plan.

Preparation of legal opinion including agreements possibilities. 

Representing creditors in all the restructuring proceedings. 

Preparation of company insolvency (pre-pack)

Preparation of insolvency application (including attachments)

Preparation of application for approval of terms for selling the company, its organized part or material assets. 

Support during the estimation of assets being part of approval of terms of selling. 

Support during the negotiations with buyers as part of the pre-pack procedure.

Enterprise insolvency

Review of the company’s condition in order to establish insolvency relevance and create a potential insolvency application.

Substantive and factual support during collection of insolvency application documents. 

Preparation of insolvency application. 

Preparation (during the insolvency proceedings) of application of debtor’s assets security by postponing the enforcement proceedings. 

Representation of the insolvent during the legal proceedings, including contact with jury and trustee. Participation in trials and preparation of procedural documents. 

Review of the correctness of the trustee proceedings and activities.

Debt relief for sole proprietorship after the insolvency proceedings. 

Substantive support for the debtor dealing with creditors insolvency applications. 

Representation of creditors during the insolvency proceedings, especially with notification of claims, raising objections to the claim’s lists, complains, allegations and other procedural documents.

Active participation in the proceedings. 

Personal Bankruptcy

Protection from enforcement before, during and after the end of insolvency proceedings. Preparation of insolvency application. 

Support in arranging required documentation (attachments) to the application. 

Representation during insolvency proceedings.

Preparation of insolvency proceedings related applications, including the application for securing funds for residential needs, and other procedural documents. 

Representation during insolvency proceedings including contact with jury, creditors and trustee. Participation in trials. 

Protection from Actio Pauliana


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