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Labour Law

Preparation and review of documents

We support employers in preparing and reviewing labour law related documents. 

We create and verify documents like employment agreements, contracts of mandates, contracts of performance of specific tasks, managerial contracts, non-compete clauses during and after the end of employment relationship and non-disclosure agreements. 

We also prepare workplace regulations, salary regulations, collective bargaining agreements, collective agreements, and a document related to transfer of workplace into different employer. 

We focus on individual approach against each Client, what ensures that content of each document is tailored for Client’s need and the specific character of Client’s work. Our solid experience in the legal services allows us to ensure transparency and clarity of each agreement, to avoid unnecessary disputes among parties. 

Representation in legal disputes

Representation by experienced and professional proxy can improve employer’s chances for positive finalization of a dispute or for a settlement that is satisfying for both parties. 

Using our experience, we represent employers in legal disputes in front of labour law in cases related mainly to:

  • Employees’ claims related to illegal termination of employment,
  • Collective redundancies and disciplinary actions,
  • Violation of non-compete agreements by employee, during and after the end of employment relationship,
  • Extra time payments and payments for unused holidays.

By entrusting your cases in hands of our team, employers significantly enhance the possibility of settlement of a dispute without risk of loss. 

Ongoing advisory

We can offer a comprehensive advisory service related to labour law to all employers. 

By consulting the current employment problems, employer can protect its interests and avoid any further disputes. 

We provide advisory on all the matters related to labour law. While doing this, we always present the wide spectrum of potential actions and show the most beneficial solution for the employer. 

When requested, we can also prepare a professional legal expertise


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