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Real estate law

For many years, Inlegis legal services has been a trusted advisor for real estate and construction law matters. 

Out team uses their multiyear experience, that includes both, several successful projects transactions and participation in many training sessions dedicated for the real estate law and real estate agents’ regulations. 

We can offer a support for individual clients and companies during transactions of buying and selling lands, real estates, buildings and premisses. This includes also a rental agreement.

We also support real estate agents in creating and making agreements protecting their interests, with understanding the rights of the Client, as a part of the agreements.  

The scope of our service:

  1. Legal audit for real estate on both, primary and secondary market.
  2. Due diligence.
  3. Review of contracts related to real estate transactions.
  4. Support during negotiation between both parties.
  5. Interpretation of legal acts and local law applicable for real estate.
  6. Support in collecting documents required to finalize the transaction.
  7. Cooperation with notaries.
  8. Support in inheritance cases.

We can also support real estate agents in:

  1. Preparation of templates for the agency agreements, including type of entity.
  2. Review of agency agreements.
  3. Advisory on how to protect from clients’ claims.
  4. Resolution of disputes with clients, both out of court and in. 

While using our services, you can be assured that our experienced team will analyse each case carefully and will ensure that the entire process and transactions will be seamless. At the same time, we will ensure that your interests as agents are protected. 


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